Make Me Yours…


I use this analogy of being on the edge of a cliff a lot…it’s me (you) in white, smeared with every single thing we have done wrong, and we are on the edge of that cliff looking down into the pit of despair waiting for a miracle. When we turn around it’s because we are found again…so we think…Jesus is there wiping us clean and embracing us and taking our hand to call us His.

I love this image because it’s beautiful to think that we can be so far and so sinful but be so loved at the same time. It’s unfathomable. You and I both know that we revisit this cliff. It’s not a one and done kind of matter because we are human and insecurity, shame and guilt like to tiptoe their way into our hearts and minds. They seep in and poison what’s true. Sometimes we are even deceived that this cliff is a better solution than our One universal answer. We deny what is completely fulfilling because we may think that we aren’t worthy or that it’s too hard or that something else is more appealing.

We think that we need to WAIT to be found, but you are found.

You are never alone, you have never been left alone. You have a constant companion, friend, Savior. He loves you and He wants you to choose Him every time you think about wandering down that trail back to that cliff. We ask Him to show us what we are made for and what our purpose is, even though we already know how to get there. And we secretly know that if we pour into our relationship with our Heavenly Father, into our relationships with believers, and into the Word that everything else will fall into place.

We will see all that we need to see.

God is never silent, He may be subtle, but never silent. When something isn’t loud, big, and audacious we think nothing’s happening and we tend to drift further away. Jesus chose us first. He came into this world for us. He died for us. He rose again for us. One day He will return for us. He will stand by you through anything and everything. We are the ones who decide to leave.

Run back towards a miraculous light, and let your heart be captured again. I am.

Live a life filled with love following the example of Christ. 

Ephesians 5:2

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