I can peek out from behind a curtain in the current chapter of my life and see an old chapter in my book turn it’s pages. Sometimes I want to go back where I was on stage, changing costumes in thirty seconds, because I had some of my best days on a stage with blistered, bloody feet and sweat kissed skin. I can remember who I was dedicating my movement to, who I was dancing for, and how I was pouring out love.

You know those moments where you don’t want to leave, you are in this little nook of comfort and you don’t want to let that moment go.

Sometimes it’s waking up from a nap in your comfy place, taking deep breaths of after-rain air as the sun comes up, or just having a few moments of silence to ourselves. We don’t want to let these moments go they are so special. We even like to try to force them to happen. Then we are putting pressure on precious moments, holding them to a high standard, when we all know that when we try to force moments like these they don’t necessarily happen the way we imagine.

These perfect moments are so special they are mesmerizing. We try so hard to remember because we want to be able to go back to how these moments felt. They are strong, powerful, fearless, passionate…Ironically, they are some of the most simple pleasures that life can provide. They aren’t usually something fabulous and extravagant. It’s the places where we get away from all of that, where we get away from that chaotic clutter of the world we have come to know. The beautiful thing is that life is full of them. It keeps us on our toes because we never know when we will fall in love with the time or place or comfort…that’s half the fun, adventure, and pure thanks.

{breaks in chaos}
{breaks in chaos}

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