Really Real Rest…

Part One: Regretfully Ready…

Part Two: Re-finding Rescue…

I have barely written the past year.

I’ve written for my job, written for clients, but I haven’t yet written for ME.

There’s been a sporadic blog post or two, which have all (graciously) received wonderful amounts of traffic and feedback that I am grateful for.

Yet recently I’ve experienced a pivotal season. I struggle to say one of the most important in my life, because who knows, in a year that may no longer be true.

However, in this moment, this space, this season…it resonates a realness that I can’t escape. Usually when that happens God is trying to shift something deeply within me. He puts it in front of my face often and makes it impossible for me to not step into it because He knows I need to internalize it.

Not notice it and keep on running past without acknowledgment.

So, here’s the journey towards receiving rest.

It has become more than just taking time off, lying down, and begging for the courage to stand back up again.

I hope that what I share in these upcoming posts will resonate with you, as I try to put on paper (the electronic version of paper) how rest has wrestled it’s way into my life with brevity and depth.

I hope that these posts will give you courage to be encouraged that you were made for this, you were made for this life, and that even your tiniest mustered bit of effort gives God glory. Whether you are admitting your need for Him –paused– on your knees or running another stint in this marathon towards the gates of heaven…He is quite fond of you.

I hope that you receive something from my attempts at wording and working out the work being done on my human heart.

If at any point you have your own story you would like to share, I would love for you to e-mail me at

Cheers, friends.

Xoxo, Leste

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