L’essential est invisible pour les yeux…”

I love a lot of things but one of the things I love the most is having amazing people in my life that I know will walk with me who are dependable, gracious, and loving. One very inspiring lady has known me now for five years and she has seen my heart. She has probably seen more than I would choose to tell her though it can be rich in blessings.

I love cards, especially those with heartfelt messages, and this one was more than enough to puzzle me but I also saw a challenge.


The translation is…”We see well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eye.” Then she asked me…”What is your essential?”

I hate not being able to figure things out quickly or find things quickly so having this puzzling question still not have a secure answer is frightening for me to be writing about. Frightening, because I don’t think I have published an incomplete thought before…but maybe by the end of this I will have.

My essential? What can I see with my heart that I cannot see with my own eyes?

Maybe it’s Christ’s love and security. That might not be Paul’s or Peter’s essential because they had the opportunity of physically walking with Jesus. And then I think about it and my eyes are impure just as my brain is all because I am simply…human.

But my heart has been through a lot, as have yours. We have had moments of complete emotional exhaustion…we can’t do it anymore, we can’t focus anymore, we can’t love anymore…we’ve given it all away. Our hearts always get filled back up again, the amount of time it will take is uncertain. Grace.

I cannot see Christ, I cannot touch Christ, nonetheless His love. I see examples of it in this world but the only pure example of the love and security I need to have a hold on forever is in my heart, where Jesus resides to shine His light through all of me if I let Him, if I don’t get in the way.

Where He resides to remind me of how much I am loved, for Him to spill His blood out for sinners, for you and me, just because He loves us.

Where he resides to hold me close, take my hand, and remind me, “you are not walking alone, I am with you”.

Where he resides to remind me that everything does not have to be perfect and it does not have to be pretty because we are loved for everything we are and for every hole, scar, and incomplete part of us.

Where He resides to remind me to take off my mask and to break down my facade, to be proud of who I am, because He created me and I am secure in Him.

Christ, my friends, is essential. He is most certainly my essential, but the invitation is not by invitation only…it is a open house.