Meet Celeste…


My name is Celeste Elizabeth, and I am so glad that you’re here!

I’ve been writing ever since I can remember, but I started my first blog my senior year of high school. It’s evolved a lot since then, Praise The Lord!

I grew up with highly creative parents and in a family full of English majors. So looking back it is no surprise that I am here but at first I thought my life was going to look very different. I thought I was going to go to a prestigious private liberal arts school and be a dance major…but my world was rocked when I walked into a church when I was seventeen.

This church wasn’t similar to those I had been to and I loved that. I loved that I walked in and I immediately felt like I belonged. I didn’t feel judgement for not knowing the language or not knowing the words to the songs and for some reason God had planned that moment to flip everything on it’s head in order to reveal to me new passions and a new calling.

I started working for the local church when I was eighteen and have been loving it ever since. However, working in ministry presents its own opportunities of growth and challenges. After working in family ministry in a variety of roles for three years, I accepted a full time position as the Communication Director and Programming Director. I kept writing, graduated from a state university with a degree in Communication in May of 2016, and spent two summers away working for a summer camp in Panama City Beach, Florida. I’ve had the opportunity to write for newspapers, blogs and other organizations and I’ve dabbled in public speaking through college classes and my church even though it makes me sweat every time.

God has instilled in me a passion to create and to communicate and He has graciously provided me opportunities to do both.

So if you are here to read something, I pray that it connects with you.

If you are here inquiring about writing, creative processes, or communication strategy I would love to hear from you.

Or maybe you just share in my passion for coffee, the outdoors, or singing loudly in the car, and in that case I would love to be friends!

Thank you for visiting, I hope you find something special here.

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