Olivia’s Baptism…

I don’t think we know what our deposits do on this side of heaven. 


What I do know is that today, something is different. Due to Olivia’s willingness, excitement and courage about what her Redeemer has done in her life more could have crossed the line of heavens gates. Prodigal sons and daughters could have returned home. Angels are throwing confetti in celebration of a feast we will soon have and that there will be additional place cards and pulled up chairs. 




The last couple months I’ve seen a distinctive shift in the sweet girl who is gutsy and gritty, yet sentimental and tender.
She’s done things that have scared her. She’s become reflective and responsive to the working of the Holy Spirit. She seeks guidance and propels dreams.


The most encouraging and exciting thing that I see in Olivia is that she has the tender heart of the Father, bending with His brokenness to go after the one.
She will run fast and hard to make sure that every person on the outskirts, as far as she can go, is loved and welcomed with arms that feel like Home and a heart that is a safe place to land. She sees where she is with plan and with purpose scripted by a Higher Author who has given her a distinct assignment.
And I know that she will live the rest of her life finishing it.




And I believe that the fourteen years young, old soul I’ve come to love and adore is going to see mountains move because of her faith.
I believe that she is going to change the world, resembling Christ’s love,


and I’m honored to have a front row seat.


Today, I stood backstage, barefoot, wrapped in the embrace of Olivia, her mum and dad as we prayed over her fearlessness as she shared about Jesus and that she is publicly following Him.
With that little glimpse, I felt like God said,
“This isn’t the only time you’ll all be here, praying over her together,
as she’s about to do something big.” 


Then I stood with her, in a tub of water that was no Jordan river, I could only think of the honor John the Baptist had when he lowered and raised Jesus.




My voice broke with “It is my privilege and honor, Olivia, to baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit..”
as I watched her take a deep breath, her face flashed under the water, and I became the physical assistance to a God’s handiwork.
In that moment of privilege and honor, I knew she was a highlight of heaven, and after today she is going to spend the rest of her life putting God on display.
I know that because she is already doing it.
While I physically lifted Olivia into a new life, a new season, a next step, God did the supernatural work through His Holy Spirit.


She broke into tears and nuzzled her head on my shoulder, completely surrendered and completely moved by her Miracle Maker.




In that moment, it was like when you can see the people applauding in a movie but you are removed and fumbling in silence, yet I felt two things during this out of body experience that I wanted to remember…
First, these, THIS, is the holiest thing. There’s nothing greater. Nothing more valuable, precious or incredibly sentimental. And nothing sweeter until we are welcomed home. This only came from staying, showing up and saying “yes”. Only God has words for that, for that deep place of wonder and awe that we are so loved.
And finally, in the words of Jill Briscoe, I remembered…


 “You go where you’re sent,
you stay where you’re out,
and you give what you’ve got until it’s done.”


PC: Josiah Jung
I love you to the moon and back, Olivia Jane Mariam Mosby.


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