Cheers to THREE Years!…

Three years ago I started this little thing that has turned into one of my greatest passions, joys and challenges.

Before this little blog was born there were other blogs, attempts, and journals filled with my dreams of being a writer.

Something beautiful was born out of it, something that set my heart of fire and has become a timeline of my partnership with a loving, generous and gracious God, that He’s willed me to describe through words.

I still get caught up some nights, looking back and reading through stories that I’ve forgotten and I am amazed all over again. I’m amazed that we get to wake up every day with dreams and that God isn’t lining us up comparing one dream alongside another one, but He rejoices in them ALL because He willed them all…for you and for me.

I’m so thankful for this soul thing, and for how far it’s come!
Happy third birthday! And hello,!

I’m celebrating many more years of writing to come.


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