Standing in Awe…

One of the most amazing blessings in my life has been meeting these two and growing and learning with them from different cities, in summers away, and in short trips together.


I love our group text, it’s also titled “SQUAD” which is so fitting, because it’s laced with prayer requests, our broken pieces, our victories, how faithful God is, and many “I miss you”s and “I love you more!”s.

Last year, one of my greatest memories was having them both hop on a plane during Thanksgiving break. Doing life with them again as I showed them my city made my heart burst. We spent nights around the fire, days hiking in true CO fashion, eating amazing gluten free cupcakes and visiting favorite local spots. Boy, would I give anything to be able to do life with them in the same city day in and day out!

But I absolutely love the way our friendship supports, encourages and loves across miles. I love that they are my go to’s, and that things don’t seem to change no matter how much time goes by. I love our differences, and how they fit so perfectly together. I love how we are in different seasons, that one in the middle is ENGAGED!!, but we just float with the sea-changes and embrace the new. I love how Christ is the center of our little squad that He placed together. I love how we never let each other forget our worth, our identity and how incredibly loved we are by Him.

Sometimes God orchestrates things we never asked for or never thought we needed until He reveals it.

Then he shows us how He’s laid the path we just can’t help but stand in awe.

So stand in awe of those people today,

stand in awe of what He’s given you,

stand in awe of where you’ve been carried,

stand in awe of the love that surrounds you,

and trust that He will carry you through the rough tides.

Cheers to you, my sweet friends. Thank you for being a representation of God’s sustaining, never ending love + faithfulness.

I love you and miss you always!



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