To All The “Yes” People…

This holy week felt different.

Good Friday was stormy complete with Narnia-esque snow, Saturday felt like we were in the waiting for the skies to break, and Sunday brought the sun, joy, and relief.

On Saturday night a few of us gathered at the church to pray for Sunday morning services. Every environment, all the volunteers that would show up the next morning, all the families that would come, everyone that had been invited, everything technical, every instrument, and every heart behind every story that would be influenced…

and in those moments my heart felt something weighty and nerve wracking, yet peaceful and holy. It was in those moments that I was reminded of how personal this had become. It was personal because Jesus made it personal, He personally took on the most brutal and torturous death to have a personal relationship with us. If I reached the end of my life and realized I didn’t give it everything I had to tell the story of True Love, of redemption, of grace, of mercy, of freedom, and of salvation while inviting people to join that story my life would be wasted…

But I was reminded during those prayers on Saturday night and what continued to floor me in the entirety of Sunday morning is that this truth was authentically reflected by many who are broken that same way. I was surrounded on all sides my amazing people who don’t want to keep this to themselves. A lot of people gave up a lot this week to tell His story, and my cup is overflowing because they gave up themselves and continue to do so for a greater story, a Love that has won.

I tend to get emotional in moments like that. When I realize how much someone is truly giving of themselves. I just want to hug everyone and cry gushing, loving tears because of the sacrifice, the kindness, the willingness, and the investment that is being made into those who wrestle with disbelief, for those who have strayed, or maybe even those who never even knew such an act had taken place to open an eternal invitation.

There’s power and freedom and victory in this story we get to partake in by sharing it through everything we do. We get to seize the opportunity or let it fall to the wayside.

There is overwhelming gratitude for all the people who said, “yes”, and continue to do so, for the sake of sharing this incredible love story…

all the people who prayed,

who woke up early,

who stayed late,

who gave the first impression,

who answered questions,

who held babies,

who told the Easter story,

who pushed faders,

who lead small groups,

who captured the memories,

who remembered the details,

who loved on people in exponential ways,

who faithfully encouraged,

who parked cars,

who gave of their time and resources,

who brought the joy and praise to the songs we sing…

I am praying that we don’t forget today, and that the truth of the gospel and hefty potential it carries spurs us on every day of our lives. #COSiloveyou

Thank you.


But these are written so that you may believe

Jesus is the Messiah,

the Son of God,

and by believing you may have life in His name. 

John 20:31

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