Dear So-and-So…

The reality is that there will be a name that will take the place of that “so-and-so” or “to whom it may concern”…in clearer terminology the title should really read “Dear Future Husband…”

At this moment, I don’t know who you are. Your name hasn’t been written in the sky…I could have walked past you twice yesterday and not know what could be in store for us.

When your name takes that place, we will have chosen to choose each other for the rest of our lives. It’s no longer a question, a possibility, a “when we feel like it”…it’s a yes.

A yes to choosing each other even if we want to rip our hair out and sleep on the couch,
even if you leave the toilet seat up after I have told you too many times not to,
even if I cook dinner and leave the dishes,
even if you forget the plans we made,
even if I change fifteen times in one morning…

even when we are hard to love,
even when we have different agendas,
even when I fail to be submissive and even when you fail to love me as Christ loved the church,
even when life happens,
even when we are broken,
even when we are angry,
even when we are disappointed,
even when we are tired,
even when starting a family is harder than we thought,
even when we experience loss,
even when we question each others decisions…

even when we mess up…

We will mess up. We will fail and we will fall, but I pray that our love we reflect the love our Heavenly Father had on us when He gave up His son as the perfect sacrifice for all of our sins. I pray that our love would reflect Jesus’ sacrificial love. I pray that we would never brush things aside but through conversation, and maybe even spending time running around in circles, that we would land in a place of forgiveness and grace. I pray that we would rebuild if there’s broken trust, become stronger, and grow together through whatever may come.

I want you to know that we won’t be perfect for each other. 
Why? Because we aren’t perfect. And that’s more than ok. I will gladly stand in front of you, alongside you and behind you reminding you that I’m never signed up for perfect.

I want you to know that I’m not just focusing on what is going to be hard, because I know that there is going to be a lot of good, but as I pray for you I also want to pray for whatever trials we are going to endure. There will be trials, that is a for sure.

As I pray for the moments and seasons that chip away at our hearts and make us brittle I am also praying for all the wonders, joys, and adventures we will have.
I’m praying that above all else, no matter what our pasts, faults, and failures, that you will be my companion, my life partner and my best friend through anything and everything.
I’m praying that you will have a heart stronger for The Lord than for me, but that I would be the highest second. I’m praying that you would always put Him first.
I’m praying that I would find the deepest level of comfort and trust in you. I’m praying that you would be the one to sleep all day or wake up to hike a mountain to see the sunrise with me.
I pray that you are the parts where I am deficient or weak, and in the areas where we are both insufficient we would be better together. I pray that your smile lights my heart and that you make me laugh ridiculous amounts. I pray that we can connect deeply but that we also don’t take life too seriously. I pray that when we look at each other we believe we’ve struck gold.
I pray that we would be lazy together and motivated together.
I pray that we would adventure together. I pray that we would read together and learn together. I pray that even if you hate writing, you would humor me with reading what I’ve written.
I pray that we would love others incredibly well. That our house would be a place of welcoming comfort and rest. I pray that our grace and love for each other, for family, for friends and for strangers would surpass anything we could possibly understand.

I can’t wait to choose you day after day, year after year. I can’t wait to be your wife.

In joy, in fighting complacency, in celebration, and even in the hardest moments. All of those moments will build upon right now, which will seem so small in twenty years, and it all will build our story. There’s no one I would rather write it with.




{to pray for the people who will one day enter our lives is to begin practicing surrender to and trust in a faithful Father who knows exactly what He’s doing…with each day of your life.}

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