Fearful to Fearless…

In the midst of a hard season…with too much to do, not enough time, struggles with family, finances, and unexpected setbacks we become overwhelmed. We become flustered at what we cannot change, what we want and desire to control, fix, mend, and bandage. I’m queen of this, of feeling empty when I realize my life is not even within my grasp.

Beautiful, hard, relieving.

This Christmas is one of the sweetest that I think I will ever have. Not because of anything materialistic, but because of the purest, most divine gift I could ever ask for and His gracious love for me. A gift that whispers to me to fear no more, to keep beaming in all that He’s done, all that He will do, through my life and others.

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When there are good and difficult things playing off of each other in our overwhelming and busy seasons it is really easy to feel the darkness looming around the corner, waiting until we are weak, to break us down bit by bit. It is waiting to rob us of our joy and affirm our fears.

But the beautiful thing about this season is that I am reminded of Good News.

News that brought a Savior.

A Savior that abolishes all of our fears rooted and found in death, sin, and everything in-between.

A Savior that takes our hand and walks us from fearful to fearless because of His love.

A Love that brings us up off our knees, and floods our hearts to push out fear.

A Love that raises our hands and helps us sing.

A Love that pushes me to desperation, a glorious surrender.

A Love that breaks my heart on a daily basis with gratitude.

A Love that saved me with gracious eyes.

A Love that I pray to desire above all else.

A Gift that tells me to keep this sweet spirit around everyday.

A Gift that’s value doesn’t decrease as the years go on, it is priceless.

A Gift that I will never grow tired of.

A Gift that leads me from fearful to fearless, relentlessly.

So, this sweet and savory season, this hard and difficult season where I sometimes can’t tell up from down or left from right, I will fix my eyes. Fearlessness lies within reach begging me for acceptance, trust, and gratitude. Everything that instills my fears and robs my joy is taken care of, it is insured beyond measure. I will look ahead, straight in front of me in an effort to humbly walk in awe of this perfect Gift, Love, Savior that is mine…

that is yours.

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