Believing in You…Struggle of a Woman’s Heart

The difficulty to stand in the midst of pain and heartache and a detachment from the real worth that lies within ourselves is incredibly difficult. Sometimes I see girls around me going through the same phases of “I’m not good enough…”, “I’m not worthy enough…”, “I don’t deserve love…”, “I’m not pretty enough…”. And my heart breaks because they have reached that special place in my heart where I see their beauty, worth, and value. The same place that God puts us in His heart from day one, because He’s just that good.

And I want them to see it.

I want them to know that periods of loneliness don’t equate to any amount of worth that they have.

I want them to know that their bodies are sacred and that a lapse in judgement does not mean you are out of the race, there is still redemption and immediate forgiveness. I want them to know that they are more than worthy enough to wait for. You are not used goods, you have the highest value. You have the choice to believe that there will be someone who  sees that too and wants to protect you and your heart.

I want them to know that healthy looks different for everyone and the comparison game is poisonous. Be proud of who you are, work towards who you want to be, but do not let the unrealistic expectations of today’s day and age effect who you desire to be.

I want them to know that they can go to their Creator, their Heavenly Father, to lay their heads on His chest and that He will wrap His embracing arms around them. He will listen to all of their fears, insecurities and cries about life and the world we live in to reassure them and wipe away their tears bringing them peace and hope. He will hold your hand and carry you amidst pain and heartache.

But while I am writing this, while I am thinking about the lovely young girls I want to influence in a positive way, I also need to think about myself. I need to take this advice too…internalize and meditate on it letting it override all of the self destruction I’ve spoken to my soul. No, I will never be perfect at it. Neither will you.

But we are worth it.

We are worth the struggle, the wrestling, the messiness to come to a place where we finally see and embrace what is pure, heart spoken, truth defining the loveliness that we are. I hope you see it, I truly do. I hope that if you don’t see it you would search for it, pray about it, read about it because the King of Kings says you are precious.

“…She is worth far more than rubies.” Proverbs 31:10 NIV

Believe it, rejoice in it, rest in it.

It is truly amazing the way God works. I wrote this blog post a couple weeks ago after I had gone on a youth retreat discussing the idea of the labels we place on ourselves and the labels God places on us and right before I had begun to read my copy of Spoken For by Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Joy Bethke. For some reason I didn’t want to post this piece when I first read it. As I have begun to pre-read Spoken For before it’s release date (April 15th, whoop whoop!) I realized that the book is everything I needed in this own season of my life. It relates ridiculously to this post that had been on my heart. 

Look for more posts soon relating to Spoken For!

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