A Love So Strong…

The choice to love and be loved by others is one of the most vulnerable and one of the most rewarding choices an individual can make for themselves. As I am thinking about that today, I am asking myself what is love? And I came to this…

Love is beautiful, compassionate, and strong.

Love is also trying, messy, and complex.

It is patient, honoring, and accepting.

It is risky, daring, and reckless.

Simple, desired, and worth fighting for.

Love is a lot of things and has many angles, values, and instances. We like to medicate it, telling it that it needs to be perfect. That if it isn’t just the way we imagined then somehow it’s unworthy of our time and effort. We also know ways that we should be loved and desired…

I want to be loved for who I am and the woman of God I desire to be.

for the attempts I make to be better, do better.

for the adventure I wish to go on.

for the way I love to love people.

for the reasons I laugh, cry, and speak.

for the way I wish to lay myself down for a mission, a story and a Creator larger than life.

Of course I want to be loved for other things too like the things I am interested in, or the beauty unique to myself {because we know we all ain’t the same}, or how I like to cook and be a homemaker, or the way I like to highlight and write in books when I read them. {Maybe not the last one, people hate borrowing books from me.} But the bottom line is that we want to be loved for who we were created to be. We want all of those angles of love to penetrate all of the angles of us. The patient but emotional. The strong but scared. The beautiful but insecure. The hopeful but faulty. The determined but tired.

There are many combinations of qualities and traits that we possess. What makes us feel confident and strong we want to be admired and loved for. What makes us feel weak or inadequate gives us a whisper that could make us feel unworthy. It is hard for us to bear on the outside that we want to be loved for those things too…

But love is potent and wanting to embrace all that you are. It does not set limits or boundaries, it walks with you amidst struggle and imperfection. YOU are what is to be loved, valued, and protected. Your qualities make up who you are but a single one doesn’t define you. It’s not your identity. Just as if the uncombed elements of love don’t define its sole purpose either. So don’t try and fool yourself that there is a perfect love because there’s not. It’s everything that love is {the great and the not so great} that make up a perfect kind of love.

I feel like this idea is difficult for me to accept because it isn’t really an answer. I’ve learned that sometimes there isn’t a definite answer. Or that it is so simple but yet we make it so complicated. I am willing to walk in love because of to Whom I belong. I’m content journeying on, hoping on, progressing on…with love permeating in, around, and through me.

{all in love}
{all in love}

Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love. 

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

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