Ancient Love…By Garrett Finn

One of the things I am thankful for in life are the amazing people I have the privilege of sharing it with. I love talking because I love sharing life, moments and memories. You gain insight from some pretty remarkable individuals. The idea crossed my mind that I should share some of this with you to let you get a taste where some of my inspiration comes from. 

Garrett is the first guest writer I have had on Leste’s Love and I couldn’t be more excited!

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He is inspiring and wants to do so much with his life. Enjoy his words…

You remind me of an ancient love

A love as old as time but as young as we felt

A love that played again and again throughout the centuries like skipping stones on the vinyl record that is li, li, li, li.

Life is what we make of it

Don’t tell me how to be,

Let go and just be taken aback by it

Because you cannot understand something that needs no explanation.

No, because we are as infinite as we say we are.

We are as young, and as beautiful, and as reckless as we want to be.

So when our dreams are shattered and our hopes crack under the pressure of the world, Do not be afraid, but be relieved because love will be there.

Because our broken bits, our second hand ideas will be cast out upon the night sky,

These are the stars that I will wish on again and again.

But, like the people before me, wishing only gets you so far…

So, ancient love, would you tell me what I am to do?

{Garrett Finn}
{Garrett Finn: Photo from Veronica Hylák }

Garrett Finn is currently living in what he has always dreamt to be the best city in the world, Washington, DC.  If there is one piece of advice he would want to give people it would be this: “We are all put here on this Earth to do something, you get to choose wether or not you sit on the sidelines or run, full stride into the unknown. So lace up your shoes and get going, waste not a single day more.”

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