Listen and Love…

Let the Lord fill you up. With Him as your guide, loving someone else wholly will be as effortless as receiving it. 

It doesn’t shock me one bit, the words of advice and encouragement that I received today.  It doesn’t shock me who I received them from, why she said it, or the simple truth behind it. It can be true in any scenario we apply it to where we may need to let go, forgive, trust, love, persevere, or just keep on keepin’ on.

Recently, I feel like I have been stumbling around with my eyes fixed on the ground {maybe I’ve even closed them at times} instead of having my eyes fixed on something bigger, something greater, a hope to hold onto. You miss out on a lot when you are in robot mode. And I think the fact that I have been in robot mode is what makes me the most frustrated. Robot mode can sometimes be dark and disastrous. This time, it wasn’t dark and disastrous and it most definitely wasn’t hopeless.

This time, I was deciding not to listen. Even when I could see light, I felt blind.

Not to listen to the truth that I am enough.

Not to listen to the truth that yes, I am imperfect and nothing is spotless but that’s ok.

Not to listen to the truth that you can say you surrender but you know when you are secretly holding on. Whether that’s holding onto baggage, disappointment, shame, hurt, it doesn’t matter. It’s still holding on.

To pray with your fists closed means your hanging onto something. Let it go. Open your hands to God. 

AW Tozer

And eventually all that holding on, looking down, and not listening leads us closer to bitterness and further from love. When we allow ourselves to be filled up by the purest of love, we are able to give love effortlessly.

When we walk on one day at a time we are able to go further…When we stop beating ourselves up for our human faults and allow ourselves to be wrecked and put back together by the strongest of hands, love will come easier.

He used His powerful arms and His strong hands. His faithful love will last forever. 

Psalms 136:12

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