A Dance With…

The seas are vast, the mountains rise from the ground, the leaves change colors, the warmth soothes our souls, and we are seeking out love.

All kinds of love.

We all want it, and if you don’t I hope someday you will. I’m meant to be relational. I crave interaction with people, especially those who make me laugh.

Sometimes in life we don’t know where to go.

Up or down.

High or low.

Left or right.

Forwards or back.

Stand still.

All of these directions, or lack of, can have a purpose and a meaning if we look hard enough. But sometimes do you ever think you look too hard?

I’m an over thinker, and over analyzer, and an over worrier. No, I do not take pride in that. I think these qualities come from a place of sensitivity towards humanity.

That I take pride in. I care and I love and I desire the best for all of those that I love regardless of how it effects me because I know I will be ok. I want you to be good.

A wise woman told me that I need to stop being afraid. I may need to start walking a little bit, and with a whole lot of faith, so that my direction can become clear. I don’t think that God expects us to stand here, giving us blatant signs of where to go and what to do. Sometimes I think that comes the form of a hunch or desire. Desire can be good or bad but if we NEVER move we will never know.

Since I am sensitive I am very aware of people, feelings and emotions. I am fearful of hurting others and fearful of being hurt. I don’t like confrontation. It scares me and makes me sweat. I don’t like questioning because I like to believe that I know.

Do you see anything similar in you?

Do you see anything off with me?

I want to see my plan but I want my hand to be in it. Maybe even more so than it should be. I don’t like to let things happen, I feel like I need to be prepared. Although, I may have to take a few little leaps to get where I want to go. And I am not going to make it flawless. That would make for a boring story with no good meaning. I may have some scrapes that will heal and I may have some scars that won’t. Both are fine.

It’s ok to feel hurt.

It’s ok to feel pain.

It’s great to feel love.

It’s great to feel joy.

It’s great to feel peace. I have a hunch that if I want any of the good stuff I will have to work through some tension and I can’t expect it to only arise once or twice. Living is a lifelong workbook. I will have to be bold, courageous, and willing.

Everything that we work through makes for a better story…

…and as a dancer, a better dance with God.

{even when my heart stops beating}
{even when my heart stops beating}

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