Look At The Stars…

Look at them…

When you look up, remember how much love and care there is for you. How there are people who want the best for you, who want you to live your life inside and out in the same way, passionately. Remember your dark days and let them go quickly, inviting the good memories to flood your mind and invite the days ahead to mold you and shape you into who you want to be. Remember your heart, who you are, and who you were made to be.

When you look up, it’s ok to question but search for the answer. It’s ok to wonder but wonder openly.

When you look up and think you have all the answers, be humble.

When your heart is wandering, and maybe you feel far away, there is always someone with you…someone that has known you from the start…even before the start, someone who won’t even stay a few steps behind or go a few steps ahead because they want to be right by your side, someone who knows what you hide in your closet and loves you anyway, someone who has wiped you of muck and mire and made you new and not because of anything you have done to deserve it.

When you look up, you dream to inspire people. What if you told them how much this someone has done for you? What if you told them how much you want to grow in your relationship with this someone? What if you show them the chapters in the book you have written together? What if they hear it and realize what you have seen too? What if they keep talking to you about it? Asking about it? Thinking about it? They may begin to believe, follow, and grow because this amazing, miraculous, gracious and loving someOne has put you in their life to share your heart, maybe even help you grow. One day, they may thank you and they may lead you in return.

Be open, you’ll be loved for who you are.

I hope I am too.

We both may see something new.

When you look up, and remember that everyone you love is seeing the same stars as you, you know there is something bigger, someone bigger watching out for you. He wants you. Every bit and ounce of you, whatever it looks like.

Remember, each night these stars come out to tell you something. Then they go to sleep when the sun rises. You’re invited to live this day with no worries of tomorrow.

Promise to live for today, truly who you are, being welcoming and loving. Even humble.

I promise too.


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