Show Me…

Life is amazing and beautiful.

In fact, it is so amazing and beautiful that the good should outweigh the bad and we should pass along our smiles to those who don’t have one. The idea of life and the potential to actually live, not just survive, is so massive that I am awestruck. Personally, I don’t want to sit down to finish this piece because I just want to live. I want to do all that is good, worthy, admirable, adventurous, courageous.

Sometimes when we reflect on who we are, we realize that people have impacted us with life lessons, views, and thoughts. Some people teach us from wisdom they have gained throughout their lives, some are in our phase of live wondering and experiencing with us, and some are younger than us reigniting that sense of child-like faith and fun.

Today I reflect on 3 things:

1) Uncertainty is a part of life and worrying about it is useless.

Life is unpredictable no matter how hard we try to plan it out. Things happen and intersect in ways that we did not want or hope for but the hopeful part of this is…it doesn’t necessarily matter what happens in your life that may be disappointing, discouraging, or even heartbreaking. What matters is how you deal with difficulty and move through it.

2) Mindset is key.

What you are filling your heart and your head with matters. Optimism brings you hope and when you believe that life works out the way it is supposed to and that there is a plan bigger than your own, you will be alright no matter what the results are. Good or bad circumstances, you have potential, you matter, and you will make a difference.

3) Listen close.

Those people that make you laugh and smile. Who listen to you, ask what’s on your mind, and give you words of encouragement. Listen to them. Appreciate them. Love them.

Those whispers from your constant, enduring, and loving Companion are love letters. He could be showing you anything and everything. Listen close. Breathe it in.

It’s all…lovely.

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