Breathe in, breathe out.

Inhale, exhale.

Look left, look right.

Twiddle your thumbs, cross your legs.

It feels like everything we do to try to pass the time when we are bored, and anxious, maybe even awaiting something, can be tedious and sometimes even meaningless. I spend my “gap time” with words whether that’s talking, reading, listening, but my favorite one is writing.

Writing words speaks in a way that is precious and delicate, as if our feelings are too priceless to be wasted just stuck in our heads. I love to love people with words, spread love with words, and be loved with wordsWords speak to me in a way that quickly open the door to my heart. Both a blessing and a curse.

I love words SO much that I want to write hundreds of pages of them, bind them together, present amazing imagery on the front and have my name perfectly placed on what is my idea of precious.

Even if this package of words, that flows from my mind and my heart about how amazing and wonderful this life is, only reaches one pair of empty hands I will be forever thankful.

I write because it is freeing, expressive, and something that my Father has put on my heart to pursue. That is why I blog, to let my words of love flow.

Thank you, to those of you who like, share, encourage, and read what I write.

It means more than words can say. 

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All my love, 


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