Trade It In…

Being overcome with God’s love and mercy is something that isn’t done justice with a formation of words that I can compile in my head and eventually make come out of my mouth…it’s so much more than that. When you experience it for yourself you will know what I mean.

It’s more than palms sweating, hearts breaking and getting pieced back together, tears, praise, joy.

Being overcome with fear that we are not living up to a human standard is something that a lot of people can understand with a few words and a “for an example, when…”. I could almost bet you anything that I have one fearful thought a day where I either let down, disappoint, or even slightly hurt someone. Wrecked.

If I never had a fearful thought again they probably wouldn’t be missed.

Sometimes our fear helps to tell us what’s right from wrong, dangerous from safe, but sometimes it is just our people-pleasing mannerisms that can grow from the inside out desiring to consume us whole.

If we are holding a standard of ourselves way up high so that no one will ever be able to reach us, no matter how hard they try, I would suggest a slice of humble pie. If we are continuing to push ourselves down and lift others up on their pedestals, and we keep trying to work our way up but don’t seem to get anywhere, then I would suggest taking a second look at where your self worth should really be coming from.

We all want to be better. We all want to accomplish, strive, and aim high while carrying the buckets of determination on our backs. Some of us may be working hard for benefits we continue to heighten or re-evaluate. Some of us may be too absorbed with fear to make a bold move. Some of us may lie somewhere in-between, the back and forth battleground. Let me tell you that everyone in this world will accomplish something great in their life but it is not up to us to to measure their success according to our standards.

We are all capable of falling, we are all capable of going through someone else’s pain even if we think we would never get there. Jesus stood before who was considered the scum of the earth, treated them as if they were friends and family, asked them to follow Him, and they ended up overcoming the greatest feat: a fallen world.

It is easier to judge and assume than it is to open your mind and walk with kindness. Especially toward those that you may see as not worth your time and effort. Don’t underestimate their story, if they underestimate yours then be the one to walk on higher ground. Hand in hand with the One who lets your old self fall away and crowns you with all the holiness, love and grace that He is.

Because you are His.


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