Never Goodbye…

14 August 2013

There seem to be moments in our lives that we just aren’t prepared for…moments that we know will come but no matter how hard we try to wrap our mind around it nothing can prepare us for what will come flooding into our hearts.

There are lasts. Our days are full of them and we may not even notice. That’s just fine because as people we are to move on with life and go to whatever is next for us. It’s how we evolve, grow, experience. I would never want to be stuck in this moment forever because it would prevent me from having the next moment to cherish. When I leave this earth, I want to know I lived. Then when I die, I will be content rejoicing in my eternity with those moments to look back on.

There are those bitter-sweet moments. I sipped coffee and shared laughs and stories with an amazing man with an amazing heart who has become an amazing friend as he is about to go off and begin living his dreams. And as we drove up the hill together, this last in this moment, it was silent. I think we were thinking about what this moment was going to look like for both of us. We’ve always been good at writing letters but when it comes to making words come out of our mouths sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I can’t tell you why. Maybe fear. On every upbeat, my heart wanted to throw itself out of my chest or lodge itself in my throat because I was dreading this moment. I told myself I wouldn’t cry and that I would wait until I was alone. I didn’t hold myself to it, but even though this is a moment I was pushing away and didn’t want to come, because it meant a last, I am glad it did. It pushes us forward. Forward into a new chapter of life where we will look different, we will be different, but we will have millions of moments like these to look back on as we continue on with these adventures that we call lives.

Moments make up life. They make up our stories. They build upon each other. They teach you lessons. They give you wisdom. The make you appreciate. The struggle with moments is that sometimes we feel like we are giving and giving and giving and our moments won’t matter because we aren’t receiving anything to hold onto.

Love anyway, give anyway.

Don’t just give up because you’re tired. Have the tough conversations because it will make for a better tomorrow whatever the outcome may be.

Be hopeful.

I was blessed enough that I have someone that doesn’t want to give up, who wants to work hard for our moments. And when I thought that I had given all that I possibly could I was shocked when the roles were reversed, and I was the one being comforted in that moment.

“P.S. Look at the stars every once in a while and remember we are seeing the same thing.”

– Dear Friend

{Photo Cred: Dyan Roop}
{Photo Cred: Dyan Roop}

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